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Great customer service and overall experience!
Shannon Bruton
I'm going to speak on my experience dealing with The Used Car Factory. They were very helpful to me and patient. When I really needed a car back in 2012 they came through and also in 2015 I really want to thank Greg and Randy for all that they did for me. I'll be back again. Thanks for all the u guys do!❤
Jeanette Smith
Great experience! Caleb took great care of us and we got a great deal on our car. Highly Recommended!
Jim Beesley
Highly recommend coming here! My husband and I purchased a truck from them, and they went above and beyond to make sure we got the best possible deal, and when they found that navy federal had printed our check incorrectly, Brian put it upon himself to talk to them for us to get it figured out. Super satisfied, and in love with our ‘new to us’ truck! Thank you Brian and Chris!! We will be coming back the next time we are in the market for a vehicle!!
Kayla Ford
Everyone was very nice and able to help me with the information I need. Love my new car I just got.
Susan Yang
My friends Caleb and Chris know how to set a dude up! Thank you for the great service!
Matthew Bent
Cars are decent but most had high milage so take your time and make sure the used car you are buying is actually worth their asking price. Kudos to them for allowing me the space and time to test drive and do a full inspection of the vehicle. Paying as much as we did for a used jeep would ONLY have been possible with my confidence gained from a personal inspection... so thanks! The final portion of our visit , however, ( actual sales and paperwork) took an unusually long time to do, we had ou... More
Gary M.
They did wonderful and fixed the issue we had coming into a purchase of one of their vehicles. I will recommend this lot to other's. They fixed their mistakes Thanks u guy's! I Love my car ?
Delzonnya Ingram
No beating around the bush, good clean cars and good prices.
Troy Chappell